5 Things To Look For In Company Reviews

The company review pages are comprehensive and also feature employee reviews and a Q&A section. You really get to be a fly on the wall at a prospective company by reading individual job reviews, which include the comments of current and former employees. Site visitors can read https://www.1800womsga.com/chicago/local-business-1/uss-express, and get the latest information on over 10,000 companies. Company overviews are free, which is all you need most of the time. Kununu’s mission is to spread transparency through company reviews and data—in every aspect. In this article, we discuss what company reviews are, how to find and use them, as well as why they’re important to your job search.

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  • You might even arrange an informational interview with a friend or acquaintance to get even more information on the company.
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  • Her writing primarily focuses on workplace rights, job searching, diversity, and allyship, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in media and journalism from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
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If you believe that a review is inappropriate, please click on “Report” present below each review and our moderation team will look into it as soon as possible. Compensation is not that as good as its competitors and other companies of same market value are paying to their uss-express.com review employees. The highs are so high in director Marianne Elliott’s gender-reversed “Company” that a Sondheim freak like me can live with aspects that don’t quite hit those lofty heights. Searching by company name on Google is another way to find information about companies.

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Anonymously rate your current or former employer now to unlock our one-of-a-kind resources. You will find feedback about the job interview process here. Job interviews are rated in terms of the interviewees’ experience, such as favorable or unfavorable. They also rate interview difficulty from easy to difficult in addition to the length of the interview process.

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company reviews

Most of the review websites require the employees to assign a numeric rating to a company based on various factors like salary, work culture, etc. This helps you compare potential employers based on your desired criteria. You can also use https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/uss-express.com/amp to help you prepare for a job interview. Some company reviews focus on what the hiring process is like. Practice answering these questions to prepare for your interview. Looking at company reviews can be useful at every step in the job process.