Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this company.

Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this company. The logistics industry is challenging but working at XPO is like working in a 3rd world country. It was an enjoyable experience, other than the fact that they didn’t want to pay me more after expecting me to do extra tasks that they gave other people raises for. I thought management was really supportive, but I know a lot of people thought otherwise. It just all comes down if youre just there to work and get money or looking to make a career out of it. Our team is passionate about bringing value to you. Thus, we provide regular trainings, most especially to our customer representatives and other pro.

  • What is trendy this season might be outdated in a few months.
  • And with our long years of experience, we have already perfected our services.
  • Over the years, we have seen our number of clients grow.
  • They are always one of the first firms to get information.
  • With our reasonable rates, you still get to enjoy outstanding services.

We ensure that the quality remains the same from the moment we received the items. With us, it is guaranteed that your customers will receive their orders in mint condition. In addition, one should have a wide network, and must be up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. This will make their solutions more efficient while ensuring safety and security. And of course, search for a service provider that has outstanding customer service. A quick search online will give you hundreds of forwarding services around the globe. However, the real concern is if an agency can handle your shipping requirements.

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I was told I would be immediately in rolled in the CDL program. Management is a joke they do not take work place concerns serious. If you’re in the click your as good as gold if not, they’ll find ways to get rid of you. At the top as in number 1 every week on motor moves per hour. Mean while there were other employees that couldn’t meet the bare minimum MMPH quota and were rewarded while the hard workers got punished.

We understand that schedules for shipments are highly based on your business operations. Thus, we want to ensure that all our deliveries are on time and according to the agreed schedule. Our years of experience coupled with our advanced technology and systems allow us to estimate the precise duration of product deliveries. uss express employee reviews Also, it is a must that you understand the security protocols of the storage company. As items using climate-controlled storages are of value, you need to ensure that your packages will be safe all the time. When searching for the right buyer consolidation services, you have to consider several factors.

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At Addicon Logistics, our shipping rates are highly competitive. One of our objectives is to help the eCommerce industry flourish by providing affordable freight services. And with Addicon, we guarantee that your products will be delivered according to the expected date and in optimal condition. For small and medium-sized businesses that would like to scale their operations globally, finding the right company that can handle customs declaration is a must. Here are a few things you need to look for should you want to outsource the service. Over the years, we have seen our number of clients grow. This is a testimony of the quality of service we provide to them.

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Fortunately, Addicon’s long years of experience in the industry has allowed us to master the ropes in terms of delivering your products and goods. At BCR, our passion for outstanding customer service is reflected in the high levels of our customer satisfaction. With our personalised, responsive customer service, your freight will be in good hands.