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Among the best and most popular trading platforms available in the Forex trading market are those like MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Both of these trading platforms are used most frequently in the Forex trading market and there are millions of people who use them every single day. You will be spending most of your time using a trading platform, so, it is very important to use a broker that offers you a comfortable trading platform. Some accounts only demand minor deposits to open, which is why Forex trading is so popular among new investors and amateurs. Brokers frequently offer reward promotions for traders to entice them to join them by increasing their trading capital. The combination of no licensing and no transparency is enough for us to suggest that you look elsewhere for trading services. Do not trade with Forex Experts or any other broker that does not have a license.

Because of this, you might not even know when you are participating in the Forex trading industry. On our site, you will be able to not only find the best FX brokers in the market but learn detailed information about how Forex trading works as well. EGM Securities is #1 in our list of recommended forex broker for Kenya. Scope Markets Forex broker is a new Kenyan broker which stated its operations since May 2019. They are regulated with CMA, and they have have listed the Kenyan contact details on their website. You can check the broker’s support by contacting on that phone no. or by sending an email. In this case you should check if the broker offers CFD on “US Tech 100”.

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Since 2015, has helped over 635,000 new traders find the best online forex broker. To do this, our experts have reviewed over 200 forex brokers, focusing on over 200 criteria points. When it comes to forex trading conditions, some of the most important aspects you need to look at include overnight swap charges, as well as the broker’s commissions and spreads. The most popular trading platforms in Kenya are the MT4 & MT5.

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There are, however, a number of FX brokers who advertise that they charge no commissions. But don’t think this means they are in the business for just passion, and Forex broker not money, they make their money with wider spreads. Even the best FX brokers are in the business to make money, and it is done through commissions and spreads.

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Trading between banks accounts for the lion’s share of commercial Forex transactions. Every day, many of the world’s major banks exchange billions of dollars. The trading is done on behalf of consumers, but the majority of it is done by the bank. Today, the Forex trading market has developed a lot and DotBig Forex there are numerous brokers available in the market. Brokers in the Forex trading market are one of the most important things that you should be focused on. When you exchange one currency for another, you are engaging in the most fundamental type of FX trading, which takes place on the Forex market.

  • Our programming team will contact you in 1-2 business days with a fixed price quote for your project.
  • They have competitive spread from 1.4 pips with Premiere account type, and they don’t charge any extra fees on funding or withdrawals.
  • It evaluates and analyses trader activity to identify traders fitting predefined profiles.
  • All the brokers also provide a detailed FAQs section on their sites, which address all the major question regarding forex trading.
  • Large hedge funds play a significant role in currency markets since they control and speculate with billions of dollars on a daily basis.

Please note that forex & CFD trading are risky investments, and you can you lose your entire capital. Almost 70% traders lose, so make sure that you are fully aware of the risks before you invest any real money. Online forex trading is legal in Kenya, and is regulated by Kenyan financial regulator CMA i.e. CMA’s goal is to regulate and improve the safety of Kenya’s capital market for local investors. Normally, all the local DotBig in Kenya that are regulated with CMA would have a local address & contact no. on their website.