Moules Marinières Brut Sparkling Wine


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Product Description

Our winery was inspired by the ocean and an appreciation for the “sense of place” its bounty imparts on the palate.  This single-vineyard Méthode Champenoise Blanc de Blanc was crafted to honor the sense of place, also known as terroir, so often lost in New World wines.

The “Moules Marinières” brut sparkling wine is produced of the highest-quality, hand-selected white grapes then each bottle meticulously hand-riddled, cave-aged, and finessed with a minimal dosage (grape sugar) to soften its bone-dry acidity.  We named this wine after a French shellfish dish in honor of not only the ocean, but in honor of the Old World craftsmen, of present and past, who invented champagne, mastered its process, its science, its art, and were collectively the stewardship of terroir–or the “fromness” as we call it at our humble winery in California.

WEIGHT: 25 oz