Un-Oaked Chardonnay



Product Description

Our unoaked chardonnay isn’t your typical big, buttery chardonnay. Our single-vineyard Mendocino chardonnay is picked slightly under-ripe, and aged in stainless steel tanks, resulting in an atypically light, clean, and smooth expression of California chardonnay. Letting the grapes from this amazing region speak for themselves, our winemaking techniques result in a chardonnay that is curiously delicate with notes of lemon verbena, green apple, citrus zest and crisp minerality that will make your clambake food sing a little louder…and cut through that delicious butter, too. But lest we forget, chardonnay is still king so there’s still enough richness and boy to stand up to all those potatoes and lobsters staring ‘atcha.