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Europe is currently the second largest EV market accounting for 28% of the global market. China’s EV exports lag behind that https://dotbig.com/markets/stocks/XPEV/ of the US and Europe’s EV companies. In late December 2020, XPeng stated it would be delivering the G3 SUV to Norway.

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Global stocks that are worth holding for the long-term for a well diversified portfolio. Forex news is revving up on Wednesday thanks to news of a dual stock listing over in China that brings its shares to more investors. XPeng issued an update on its first quarter 2022 earnings guidance on Monday, April, 18th.

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In addition, it has allowed me to develop a clear understanding of how institutional investors play their game. On 7 July 2021, XPeng debuted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The choice to bring the company to the exchange before a second listing could result in the company taking a better position in the city’s share indexes. As a dual-primary Forex listing, XPeng will be eligible for Stock Connect, an investment channel facilitating trade between Hong Kong and mainland China. With its listing in Hong Kong, XPeng became the first US-listed Chinese firm with dual primary listing. The move will as well provide some security for the company in the event of being kicked off the US market.

  • 0.93 to 3.47 extra tons of CO2 are emitted in the production of an EV car over a conventional gas or diesel powered car.
  • Europe is currently the second largest EV market accounting for 28% of the global market.
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  • XPeng has also decided that it would be selling its P7 EV sedan to the European market this year.

As these are emerging leaders, the due diligence required is even more crucial. Unfortunately, most could hardly find the time to do the necessary work. It also leads XPEV stock its arch-rivals, NIO Inc. and Li Auto Inc. . However, there was a marked slowdown from its record December deliveries, but we think it’s just a temporary blip.

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Despite supply chain issues, these seven EV stocks are likely to see gains in 2022. XPeng Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets Smart electric vehicles principally in China. Between 2013 and 2017, China witnessed the worst air pollution is has ever seen. China initiated a very effective policy of cutting its vehicle registration lottery from 250,000 to 150,000 and allotting 20,000 of those slots to new energy vehicles. This stimulated the electric vehicle market of China and pushed people to look into new energy vehicles over fossil fuel vehicles. In 2015, Beijing issued a red alert on air quality and required conventional vehicles to operate on alternating days whilst electric and new energy vehicles could operate every day. China’s EV market exploded from 18,000 vehicles in 2013 to 330,000 vehicles sold in China in 2015.

Xpeng Stock

The Stock Connect programs are a unique collaboration between the Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. The Stock Connects allow international and mainland Chinese investors to trade securities in each other’s markets through the trading and clearing facilities of the participating exchanges. The Stock Connects established a two-way trading link between stock https://www.dukascopy.com/swiss/english/forex/trading/ exchanges in mainland China and Hong Kong. The Stock Connects allow qualified mainland China investors to access eligible Hong Kong shares as well as Hong Kong and overseas investors to trade eligible A shares , subject to specified daily quotas. The recent sell-off offers long-term investors an opportunity to buy electric vehicle stocks at attractive discounts.