Ripe Life Wines

Ripe Life Wines is an artisanal American wine brand dedicated to producing truly great wine under an approachable label. Our small-batch wines are crafted solely of single vineyard fruit in a way that compliments the food (and good company) with which they’re intended to pair.

Our Inspiration

It started with a Clambake

Our inspiration was simple: one beach-obsessed sommelier’s hunt to find a beautiful wine to pair perfectly with a Clambake. Instead, what she discovered was a lack of elegant, yet affordable wine on the American wine market. So, she rolled up her sleeves and did it herself. By focusing first on the food, and then working to craft the best wine to accompany it, she became a flavor-obsessed producer. In that, she became both terroir and quality-obsessed. And so, she too became a pioneer in the industry.

“We were inspired by a clambake: a culinary tradition that is all about celebrating the natural favors of the local bounty… that, too, is how we make our wine.” ~ Mary McAuley, Owner/Founder

Our Mission

Craft wine, not craft prices

Ripe Life’s mission is to hand-craft honest wines that live up to expert standards, but also appeal to everyday consumers ~ those often lost when it comes to finding a trustworthy wine and knowing what to pair it with. We are committed to making craft wines that bespeak of their native varietal and vineyard, which sets us apart from the other major players in our price category. We do not concern ourselves with creating replicas each year. We know that is not what great wine is about. Rather, we
focus on producing utterly beautiful wine consistent only as it pertains to varietal style, quality, and the cuisine with which its intended to pair. Our mission holds us accountable to sourcing the best fruit and implementing the best practices possible – behaving like artisans, rather than manufacturers.

“Large corporations achieve consistency by souring bulk wine, and using additives and other products. Instead, we rely on our prowess in the vineyard where we choose high quality grapes and cherish the variation.” ~ Cody Ewers, Winemaking Operations

Our Vision

We see a lot more “clambakes” happening

We envision capturing first-time buyers by our approachable labels, but engaging repeat buyers with our superior winemaking. We are creating a demand for affordable, yet superiorly-crafted wine. We are targeting a demographic that’s been in the dark about what real wine is, whether a result of daunting labels or overpriced, mass-produced wines that dominate the shelves. We believe Ripe Life Wines will be the brand that inspires a new generation of wine drinkers, those concerned with honest winemaking practices and noticeable superiority of flavor.

“Don’t let the lobster on the label fool you, this wine is gangster.” ~ Jason Driscoll, Head Winemaker