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Ripe Life Wines is an artisanal American wine brand dedicated to producing truly great wine under an approachable label. Our small-batch wines are crafted solely of single vineyard fruit in a way that compliments the food (and good company) with which they're intended to pair.
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Clambake Chardonnay

Clambake Chardonnay

Our “Clambake Chardonnay” is our staple wine and the first offering we ever made, our first …

Clambake Rosé

Clambake Rosé

Our “Clambake Rosé” is the second wine we started making, our first release in 2015. It was right as the rosé bubble …



We started making Champagne in 2018 simply because the owner loves champagne and her business partner …

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Spring Lake Seafood in Spring Lake NJ

Dock and Claw in Beach Haven NJ

Willow and Whisk in Wyckoff, NJ - coming Fall 2023!!!

Our Vision

We see a lot more “clambakes” happening

We envision capturing first-time buyers by our approachable labels, but engaging repeat buyers with our superior winemaking. We are creating a demand for affordable, yet superiorly-crafted wine. We are targeting a demographic that's been in the dark about what real wine is, whether a result of daunting labels or overpriced, mass-produced wines that dominate the shelves. We believe Ripe Life Wines will be the brand that inspires a new generation of wine drinkers, those concerned with honest winemaking practices and noticeable superiority of flavor.
As a single vineyard winery, they pay attention to every detail when producing their wine—who farms it, what the soil type is, the sustainability level of the wine, and how hard the wine is pressed. They take time with the decisions they make and don’t cut any corners so their consumers can really taste the quality and difference of their wine apart from others
- Vue Magazine
Ultimately, we want to get people tasting really good wine at an affordable price point,” McAuley said. “Through the Clambake brand, I’m excited to introduce craft wines that are delicious but approachable.
- Asbury Park Press
With Ripe Life Wines, winemaker and sommelier Mary McAuley is doing something a little different: She’s asking you to trust the winemaking choices implicit in her brand—Clambake Wines—from year to year. In return, you get an expertly made “craft wine,” chardonnay or rosé that does pair beautifully with a clambake (her original inspiration), but also represents a new kind of hybridized winemaking style.
- NJ Monthly