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“The Clambake” Unoaked Chardonnay

Our “Clambake Chardonnay” is our staple wine and the first offering we ever made, our first vintage being 2012. For years we only ever made chardonnay. We have switched regions in California where we get from but we always source from a cold microclimate with mineral-driven soil and we always make it in the same style: picked underripe for high acidity and then aged in stainless steel tanks as opposed to oak barrels for a crisp clean finish! PERFECT for seafood The story goes like this: the winery’s founder/owner was a sommelier before she turned into a wine producer and was trying to find the perfect wine to go with her family’s clambakes down at the jersey shore as she was always tasked with picking out the wines for family outings since it was her area of expertise. One summer (2012) she got the idea that she would try making the perfect wine just as a little side project. As she embarked on her journey she also came to realize that 1. People often buy wine based on “cute labels” and 2. Usually the cuter the label the worse the wine. She wanted to be the first to upend this reality and slowly but surely the company mission evolved into bringing approachable and delicious craft, single-vineyard wine to the masses and started a small batch winery in Sonoma, CA …but it all started with a Clambake!

Clambake Chardonnay 2022 Tasting Notes

Very Lemon-y, and loaded with hints of Green Apple. White Flowers and lemon verbena on the nose, a little fresh fennel on the palate add to the loaded flavors of lemon citrus and green apple. This chardonnay has a medium-light body, much lighter than most chardonnays from California, and it ends with a bright, clean, refreshing finish. NOT your typical big buttery chardonnay at all. Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc drinkers LOVE our chardonnay because of how light and refreshing it is. It’s high acid really gets your palate ready for food!

Vineyard Details

Location: Potter Valley, Mendocino

Farmer: Johnson Family Ranch Vineyard


Recommended Food Pairings

Grilled Oysters