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“The Clambake” Limited Edition Rosé

Our “Clambake Rosé” is the second wine we started making, our first release in 2015. It was right as the rosé bubble was starting to form and much of our company’s success was from all the press and accolades our rosé started getting. A nice light dry rosé is also great for a clambake meal, but the decision to make it was really because we were becoming such a summertime “chill” wine brand, I knew we needed to get in on the rosé game early before the bubble burst (Which sadly it has). We call it “limited edition” on the bottle so customers know we will never meet demand with any bulk crap or we won’t dye a white wine pink and add flavoring (many wine brands do that) if we run out. When we are out of our rosé we are OUT until the following vintage is released.

Clambake Rosé 2022 Tasting Notes

Made from Pinot Noir grapes that we pick underripe, our rosé is bone dry and has notes of white nectarine, wild strawberries, and grapefruit peel.

Vineyard Details

Location: Potter Valley, Mendocino

Farmer: Johnson Family Ranch Vineyard

Recommended Food Pairings

Panzanella Salad