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“The Fisherman’s Red” Pinot Noir 2021

After years of just doing whites and rosé, we simply got sick of people asking for a red so we made one. We designed the label with the chef at one of our BYOB’s whose wife was insistent we made her a red wine lol!

The Fisherman’s Red 2021 Tasting Notes

Very light body for a pinot, you can practically read through it if you held a piece of paper behind a glass of it. So low tannin and mellow you could even pair a number of fish dishes with it so that’s why it is called The Fisherman’s Red. It’s very fruit-forward red: flavors a lot like cherry jolly ranchers, plums, orange peel, a little earthy mushroom note balanced by a light oak and vanilla bean.

 Available to taste and buy at our tasting rooms only- sorry!

Vineyard Details

Location: Various sources throughout southern Sonoma, CA

Recommended Food Pairings

Blackened Tuna Bites