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“Moules” Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine

We started making Champagne in 2018 simply because the owner loves champagne and her business partner got a great opportunity to do an apprenticeship for Shramsburg in Napa Valley (the most prestigious sparkling wine producer in the US) so wanted to take a stab at it after his apprenticeship. The sparkling is blanc de blanc meaning white wine made from white grapes which would be 100% chardonnay. I decided to call is “Moules” going along with the coastal theme of my wine labels but I wanted it to have a French name because I make my sparkling wine in the traditional champagne method and it tastes more like an Old World sparkling wine than a domestic sparkling wine.

Moules 2021 Tasting Notes

Bright and light, a very beautiful creamy body of pin needle size bubbles (due to the fact its made in the champagne method and not in large vats). Notes of lemon juice, green apple, lemon peel, and a touch of brioche! Zippy and clean and elegant!

Vineyard Details

Location: Lodi Valley, CA
Farmer: White Family Vineyard

Recommended Food Pairings

Raw Oysters